What Makes A Great App Developer?


What Makes A Great App Developer?

Almost everyone has to apply. Apple will say, “There’s an app for that.” Whether you’re a small startup in your mother’s garage, or a multinational company to expand further, at some point, your products will need a smartphone app to deliver the service your customers really want.


With the explosion in popularity, apps have suffered over the last ten years, and certainly no famine for app developers. While this may be best for the market, it can sometimes cause some headaches when trying to hire the right developer or developer. If you want to build a simple app with the best UX, outsourcing an app development company can often be easy. But how do you know who works? There are endless options, so we’ve compiled this helpful guide to help you identify the key features of your app developers’ shortcut list.

Do they listen to work?

If they don’t care about what you like, what your products are, and your customers, then none of the points below matter. It takes time to get a better understanding of the company when you are new, and frankly, some emails won’t break it. Make sure you meet the development team, or if you don’t have a local video conference. You must participate in the process and concepts in development.

Eye for design

When hiring an app developer, look at their previous work. Usually, they have a portfolio on their site but ask about other projects they have worked on. Download these apps. Play with them. Is she beautiful? Does this look like a place? Poorly designed clunky apps are bad news for your company’s brand.

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Does it work well?

Again, check their wallet. Download the apps they created. Does it work well? Is it intuitive and easy to use? The related article only describes how intuitive applications do not have a large learning curve, and they work. So, when you get into the business of potential companies, think of yourself, do I understand the point of these aspects? Is there an easy logical flow to follow?

Is it multi-site?

You can describe some of the characteristics described above as “soft skills.” These are things you feel and are subjective. But there are some characteristics of the growth company they do not offer or offer. One of the keys is multi-platform applications. With Android occupying an incredible 86% of the market, you have to ask yourself if an Apple app is enough?

When deciding on a dress, this article can be used as a shortlist. Tick ​​all the boxes? Finally, look at the full offer, as some developers will charge a lower price at the expense of quality feedback. However, this does not mean that the best offer is the best. Always remember that when faced with a price dilemma, past performance is a good indicator of future performance.

How To Choose The Right Mobile App Development Platform

“The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to hit 5 billion by 2019,” a study by Statista said. Mobile app development services have seen impressive growth over the past year. Mobile apps help companies improve their brand and their business values.

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If you are a business owner and want to build a mobile app, it is important to decide on the site. There are a lot of things to be solved when choosing the right mobile app development site. On devices that users can use for the app. Windows, BlackBerry, iOS or Android? Once you know your user base, you will get more clarity on the type of site you want.

If you think about it too much, don’t worry. Here are some tips to help you make the right decision:

Consider the user experience

Successful mobile apps have one thing in common – they meet customer goals. UX’s mobile usage affects his authentication. UX is the ultimate decision-maker. Determines whether the user will return to your app, remove it or classify it as bad. A useful application that meets the needs not available in the market. Therefore, UX should have competitive analysis, potential product development, and market health testing.

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Identify the customer base

The bands vary greatly. This, too, is the wise part. Therefore, the most important part is to pay attention to geographical standards. Consider conducting an in-depth search, getting to know and building your own user base. This will help you determine your target audience. For example, if your audience is the US, Australia or Japan, hire an iOS developer. While with Asian and African countries; Android leads the game. Thus, the situation may vary by country. For Asian and African customer base, you can hire Android developer for additional help.

Consider surfing to change conversion rates

Browse-to-buy conversion rates help you determine which site is more likely to give you more purchases. The “buy to buy” rate plays an important role when choosing between mobile app development sites. For example, iPhone users buy more than their smartphones. Android users are less likely to do so. So, check it for each site to make an accurate decision.

Know what to offer

Determine your needs and features first. They depend on the capacity and barriers of the site. You need to stop features related to its user experience. Next, compare the results to a specific site. If you want to create a custom native app, iOS and Android are the best solutions. To go with iOS, you can hire an iOS developer with the skills necessary to create iOS applications. Native apps provide the best user experience and ease of use. If you’re looking for an app that supports multiple sites, consider creating sites.

Determines support devices

Obviously, it is difficult to create an app that supports multiple devices. Supports Android 160 devices. IOS 9 supports 15 devices. Considering Windows and BlackBerry, their support devices include 100 and 10 devices. But most popular apps don’t even support Windows Phone. Therefore, after analyzing the audience base, it is recommended to select preferred devices.

Know the development costs

Yes, it is important to invest money to create manufacturing applications. When app development begins, the level of investment may increase. At different platforms, growth costs can vary. For example, in terms of enterprise software, Apple is more expensive than Android. So if you are looking for an affordable option, hire an Android developer and start working on your app. Whether new requirements or changes in existing costs, your costs can go up. So, set the approximate growth cost with the additional development account.

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Identify management challenges

It seems that your happiness is unlimited once you run the app for your business. That’s awesome! But, there is bad news. Not only does it end with the launch of the app. Many challenges that are inevitable may arise in the future. I list some:

  • Update the app without any security threats
  • Provide multiple mobile applications with good performance
  • Limit applications to predefined locations and times
  • When the time comes, your needs

When the time comes, your needs will increase. A great way to navigate is to match the capabilities of managing applications with platforms. If you stumble somewhere while creating an Android app, you can hire an Android developer. This will definitely put an end to your heart rate.

See Third-Party Integration

Third-party integration is the most important feature for mobile app development services. Sites must allow confidential integration with third-party tools. For example, with Android, you can use third-party libraries if you’re uploading photos and highlighting issues. This integration will extend existing systems and current delivery systems. In this way, developers can create applications that support the management of mobile applications. The same for iOS development, there are many libraries for integration. For more help with third-party integrations, you can choose to hire a dedicated iOS developer.

Keep in mind the above points and will definitely help you choose the right mobile app development platform for your next upgrade. App Development Off!

Mulk Shah is the founder and CEO of Pirtek Consulting & Solutions, a fast-growing IT solutions provider specializing in mobile app development services. Mul Lick is a tech enthusiast and writes about various aspects of technology.

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